Grading and Excavation

Start Your Build on Solid Ground

Start Your Build on Solid Ground

Hire professional land grading services in Dahlonega, GA and all of North Georgia

Do you love the lot of land, but not what's on it? Don't let overgrown brush or an uneven lot slow you down. Chapman Outdoor Solutions, LLC offers land clearing and excavation services for new home construction projects throughout Dahlonega, GA and north Georgia. Our professionals have the experience, equipment and manpower you need to clear and level your lot.

Reach out to us in Dahlonega, GA to schedule our land grading services today. We'll be happy to offer you a free project estimate.

Grading solutions you can build on

When you're planning a new home build, Chapman Outdoor Solutions can make sure your land is ready for construction. Our professionals provide a variety of lot preparation services, including:

  • Tree removal: removing trees, overgrown shrubs, boulders and other debris
  • Excavating: digging out basements and reshaping the land to fit new homes
  • Land grading: leveling and tamping the land to create an even and sturdy foundation
  • Erosion control: ensuring proper drainage to prevent erosion and flooding
  • Site cleanup: hauling away all debris to provide a clean construction site

Learn more about our site prep and excavation services today; call 404-660-1565.