Sod and Grass Installation

Step Onto a Greener Lawn

Step Onto a Greener Lawn

Get premium sod installation at your Dahlonega, GA and North Georgia home

Don't wait for your grass to grow in this Georgia heat. Chapman Outdoor Solutions, LLC provides commercial and residential sod installation services throughout Dahlonega, GA. Sod is grown densely and sewn closely together to create the look of thick, green grass. Not only does sod boost the value of your property, but it also creates a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy.

Contact us in Dahlonega, GA to schedule grass installation services at your home or office building today.

Take the hassle out of maintaining a green lawn

Grass installation can do a lot for the integrity and appearance of your property. Whether you've just finished construction or you're having trouble getting grass to grow, sod installation is a great option. Sod can:

  • Create a beautiful, lush lawn right away.
  • Prevent soil erosion and weed growth.
  • Get rid of bald or dry patches of grass.

Reach out to us today to learn more about sod installation and how it can enhance your lawn; call 404-660-1565.